With nothing but landscaped grounds between you and the beach there are just 11 units carefully situated on a 3 acre property.  Your own space out front to relax and unwind!


apartment The apartments are in a block with four other units (upstairs and downstairs) We have 3 apartment types available: Apartments (one, two or three bedrooms): Wren, Ramier, Kite & Kestrel Read more…


1-bdrm-ctg-sitting-room-&-dining-room-800x266 The cottages are separate bungalows that offer more privacy. Some of the cottages are closer to the beach than the apartments. We have 3 apartment types available: Two Bedroom, One Bathroom Cottages: Osprey & Gaulin Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom Cottages: Frigate, Sandpiper & Pelican One Bedroom Cottages: Swallow & Hummingbird Read more…


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