Summer Weekly Rates

Weekly rates are available throughout the summer…

Rates per week
in US Dollars

1 Bedroom
(for 2 pers.)

1 Bedroom
(for 2 pers.)

2 Bedroom,
1 Bathroom
(for 4 pers.)

2 Bedroom,
2 Bathroom
(for 4 pers.)

2 Bedroom,
1 Bathroom
(for 4 pers.)

16-Apr-18 to 15-May-18 $920 $1130 $1470 $1550 $1260
16-May-18 to 15-Jul-18 $840 $1025 $1365 $1445 $1205
16-Jul-18 to 31-Aug-18 $920 $1130 $1470 $1550 $1260
1-Sep-18 to 31-Oct-18 $840 $1025 $1365 $1445 $1205
1-Nov-18 to 19-Dec-18 $920 $1130 $1470 $1550 $1260

Rates are in United States Dollars per week for cottage/apartment rental. 20% Govt. Tax/Service Charge to be added.

Note invoices are in local currency “Eastern Caribbean” Dollars: U.S. Dollar $1.00 = E.C. Dollar $2.6882.
Visa and MasterCard charges/refunds are done in E.C. Dollars using this exchange rate.

Want to stay two months or longer?  Check out our Long-Term Rental Offer (pay your own electricity)


  • Why would you want to come to Grenada during the Summer/Fall period?
  • Isn’t it supposed to be rainy season?
  • What about hurricanes?


  • Because we are further south than most Caribbean islands there is less danger of hurricanes.
  • Our island is lush and green during the summer months (June to November).
  • Fewer crowds! Higher staff to guest ratio at your hotel/restaurant/island tour/dive/hiking trip.
  • Click for information on this years events! Carnival and other special summer events.
  • Visit family or friends. We specialise in family reunions. We can inexpensively accommodate a large group of people in our two and three bedroom units.
  • Your kids are out of school!
  • Inexpensive flights. Many airlines offer discounted airfares (ask your travel agent for information or check the web for special deals).

When the rain falls:

  • It usually lasts just an hour or so.
  • It usually falls at night.
  • It’s warm. You might get wet but you won’t get cold!!
  • You can escape to the air-conditioned comfort of our Game Room. Indoor activities include high-speed internet access, billiards table, soccer table, table-tennis, large screen TV, and cards/board games.

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