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What's New On This Website?

August-2011.  Corrected out of date info.  Added a few things.

22-Dec-07.  Added Getting To Grenada page.  Reorganised some things.

17-Dec-07.  Call us for free on Skype!  Our Skype name is: laecottages

30-Nov-07.  FINALLY fixed very annoying problem where clicking on a link in Google search results that should take you to a page on would *occasionally* redirect you to a malicious website at (located in Kharkiv, Ukraine).  This website ( would then attempt to install the following Trojans: Java/Exploit.Bytverify, Java/Classloader.AS,  Downloader.Ani.Gen, Downloader.Murlo and other unpleasant crap.
The problem was *not* caused by the Lance Aux Epines Cottages web host (TRK Hosting) but by a hijacked router somewhere...  Very annoying problem fixed!  Thank you to those that reported this problem to me.

22-Oct-07.  Added rates for Summer 2008.  No increases for 2008 rates!

3-July-07.  Lots of feedback from recent guests added to Guestbook.  Feel free to sign the guestbook OR comment on the comments!  Click "Sign guestbook".  Where it says "Enter code:" please type in the 5 digit code that is shown in the box to the right.  This is to prevent spam from filling up the guestbook!

5-May-07.  Triathlon photos added.

25-Feb-07.  Nice Fancy Guestbook added!

14-Feb-07.  Added new Independence Day photos of the LAE Cottages team.  Added some nice new Grenada News.

13-Feb-07.  Added Winter 2008 rates.  (Rates will be the same as last winter!!)

16-Dec-06.  Added new Summer 2007 Weekly Rates.

7-Dec-06.  Added new Summer 2007 rates.   Added new CARICOM rates.  Added some more Grenada news items to main page.

18-Oct-06.  Added photos of Peddle BoatsNew Brochure page added.  Added expanded availability calendars to Cottage and Apartment pages.  Added expanded availability calendar to rates page.

11-July-06.  Too much new stuff to mention!  :-)

17-May-06.  Added links on my Webcam page to the new Calabash Hotel Webcam and the Grenada Explorer Webcam.

19-Apr-06. Added Winter 2007 rates.  Updated CARICOM rates.

3-Apr-06.  Nice new photos of our beach added.

Nov-05.  Added latest Grenada News to the homepage.

23-Oct-05.  Updated the Weekly Rates and CARICOM Rates.

3-Oct-05.  Added some more photos of the beach.

23-Aug-05.  Added Summer 2006 rates.

27-July-05.  Added Webcam & Weather FAQ page.

13-July-05. New onsite weather information collected from our own weather station available here and here.

Jan to Jun-05.  Lots of minor updates and corrections here and there.  Including new pages for CARICOM and Weekly rates.

8-Nov-04:  Promotional Video was offline for a while; it is now back Right Here!

25-Oct-04.  Added Last Minute Special thingy.

15-Sep-04.  Added Hurricane Ivan page that will be updated at least once a week.

1-Sep-04.  Sign our new Guestbook!  Now Offline!

28-Aug-04.  Ouch!  We had some *serious* problems over the last week with our email server and ended up having to find a new email/web host.  For the period August 21, until August 27, all email sent to the domain would have bounced!  Still a few little problems but everything should be fine now.

6-Aug-05.  Added page for Yachtsmen.  Added photo to Sunset page (thanks Calum!).

4-July-04.  Revamped the General Info. page.

8-Apr-04.  Lots of minor changes too numerous to mention!  Updated What's Planned page.

13-Mar-04.  Updated rates.  

25-Feb-04.  Added new Search page.

19-Feb-04.  Added new toll-free phone number to reservation page.

16-Feb-04.  Added our room rates to each one of the cottage/apartment pages.  Removed March Special page.

20-Jan-04.  Updated Links page.

16-Dec-03.  New 360 pictures.  New logo for main page.

9-Dec-03.  Finally fixed Web Camera.  Thanks go out to everyone who wrote in to complain about it!  8-|

5-Dec-03.  Added the free lunch page.  Added a couple more beach pictures.  
Updated the cottage/apartment pages with handy-dandy two month availability calendar for each individual cottages/apartment.

29-Nov-03.  Updated the Travel Tips page and the online PDF version of our very cool Guest Services book.

5-Nov-03.  Updated the What's New page.

3-Nov-03.  Moved the Web Camera so that it looks out of the window of the office.

1-Sep-03.  Minor update to a few things including employee photos page (new photos will be added to this page soon).

16-July-03.  Added new photos of Frigate Cottage.

25-June-03.  Added new photos of Swallow, Hummingbird and Pelican cottages.  Added photo of new in-room electronic room safe.  Also made the Site Plan 'clickable'.

19-June-03.  Fixed Webcam.  No more broken IP address!

14-June-03.  Added some nice photos of Osprey, Sandpiper and Ramier.

9-June-03.  Added Live Support thing.  You can now see when I'm online, ask questions and get an immediate answer!

7-June-03.  Added Summer 2004 rate.

31-May-03.  Changed our deposit policy.  25% deposit is now required instead of 3 nights.

30-May-03.  Added feedback page.  Our guests had a lot of positive things to say about us!

27-May-03.  New promotional video available.

16-May-03.  Added cool panoramic pictures.  "Fixed" webcam.

12-May-03.  Added new sunset picture.

12-Apr-03.  Added link to airfare quote on reservations page.

3-Apr-03.  Lance Aux Epines Cottages is very pleased to offer Online Booking for the first time ever. Click Here to try it out!

2-Apr-03.  Added new pictures of the beach.

11-Mar-03.  New webcam.  Still "tweaking" it...

28-Feb-03.  New photos of Gaulin Cottage showing new curtains, bedspreads and cushions.
New panoramic picture of the beach.

21-Feb-03.  Created authorisation letter for credit card deposits.

16-Feb-03.  Reset my WebCounter so that it would show accurate visits/day.

28-Jan-03.  Added rates PDF.

21-Dec-02.  Added Last Minute Special page.  Added Holiday Logo to main page.

14-Dec-02.  Updated rates. The rate for 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom and 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cottage/apartment is now the same.

27-Nov-02.  Minor updates to Guest Services Book (the Lance Aux Epines Cottages' FAQ!).  Now with bookmarks for easier reading.

13-Nov-02.  Updated Long-Term rental offer (reduced the rate by $200).

4-Oct-02.  Added Weather Forecast to my homepage.

15-Sept-02.  Added BabelFish Language Translator thingy.

8-Sept-02.  "Guest Services" book now availble for download.

9-Aug-02.  Added Customs Info. page.

7-Aug-02.  Added Summer 2003 rate.

19-June-02.  Updated Travel Tips page.

1-June-02.  Minor edit of Travel Tips page.  (info on electricity)  Removed Chat Server link (doesn't work).

18-May-02.  Minor edit.  Revitalised my Long Term Rental offer.

2-Apr-02.  Enabled WebCam32 Chat Server on my live camera page. (this doesn't seem to work)

28-Mar-02.  Added property site plan.

25-Mar-02.  Minor updates.  Updated my contact information.  

14-Feb-02.  Added Winter 2003 rates.  

4-Feb-02.  Another minor update.  Can't really remember what I changed this time!

26-Jan-02.  Minor update.  Removed out-of-date material.

18-Dec-01.  Lowered the cost of the cooking service.  Updated Travel Tips and Shopping List page.

8-Dec-01.  Updated Facilities page.

1-Dec-01.  Added January Special page.

11-Oct-01.  Added Travel Tips page.  Updated Table of Contents page so that it shows properly.  

10-Oct-01.  Added "Rethinking Your Travel Plans?" page.

7-Sep-01.  Added Summer 2002 rates.  Updated Internet access and Activities  page.

31-Jul-01.  Added pictures of new dinghy.  Reorganised photographs page.  

29-Jul-01.  Added pictures of Hobie Cat sailboat.  Updated TV/Game room photos.

22-Jun-01.  Web-cam now has streaming (live) video.

18-May-01.  Updated Links page.

8-May-01.  Added Summer Calendar of Events page.

24-Apr-01.  Added web-cam to the site.

28-Mar-01.  Added new painting by Anna Desio (this painting will be made into post cards).

7-Mar-01.  Updated Summer Offer (now up to 3 night free!).  Updated rates.  Added Long Term Rental offer.

19-Oct-00.  Added Summer 2001 rates.

18-Apr-00.  Rate change (remove old Winter 1999/2000 rate).

27-Feb-00.  Removed Availability info.  Minor correction to recipe on FAQ.

14-Feb-00.  Added photographs of beach.

13-Feb-00.  Added Lance Aux Epines Cottages FAQ.

22-Jan-00.  Added picture of our new Postcard.   Availability update.

19-Jan-00.  Availability update.

17-Jan-00.  Updated details of our Summer Special are back!  Added Winter 2001 rate.

7-Jan-00.  Last minute availability update on homepage.

1-Jan-00.  Fixed JavaScript bug on home page that reported the year as 3900.

December 16, 1999.  Happy Holidays!  Added some seasonal spice to my logo graphic.  Updated Rates (removed Summer 1999 rate).  Removed lots of dead links.

November 27, 1999.  Updated Rates (added Summer 2000 Rate).  Updated Weird Links.  Other minor changes.  Check back soon for our updated Summer Special/Discount.   Also coming soon - more photographs (now I have a digital camera!).

June 8, 1999.  A few cosmetic changes and took out links to some old stuff.   Updated Contact Info and added some "info" pages: Late check-out, cottage phones & website credits.

April 2, 1999.  Added a few more Guest Comments and "Fountain of Youth" page.

March 7, 1999.  Added RealVideo clip. March 2, 1999.  Summer Offer is back.  Added foosball, darts and conference seating to Game Room page.
Created Game Room photo page.  Thanks Ian!

January 13, 1999.  Took out LinkExchange banner from home page (didn't get many "hits" from it and thought it made welcome page look cheesy!).  Added Netmind Page Change Notification Thingy to home page instead.   Fixed lots of links that didn't work anymore.

January 9, 1999. Updated our Rates (added rate for Winter 2000).  Added Note from Manager/Webmaster and Game Room pages.

April 21, 1998.  Added a Table of Contents page to the site.  Improved Location Map (thanks Nigel!).

April 19, 1998.  Completely redesigned site using theme from MS FrontPage (no more frames; thanks for the suggestions Nigel!).  Added a few more video clips.

March 23, 1998.  Added photos of cooking seminar.

March 17, 1998. Added more testimonials (guest comments!) and a few more links.

March 12, 1998.  Made some minor changes to the site structure not worth noting here.

February 1, 1998.  Added coupon for Summer 1998 promotion.

January 9, 1998. Updated our Rates (added rate for Winter 1999).

November 4, 1997. Added index frame to the Lance Aux Epines web page to make navigation easier.

October 21, 1997. Added a few more links to the Links page.

September 22, 1997. Experimenting with Video Clips page.

September 19, 1997. Created page where you can Look at our Brochure and created Employee Mug Shot page.

September 7, 1997. Updated Links page, created Weird Links and created this What's New page.

Some of the older hyperlinks on this page are broken and I don't intend to do anything about it!

This page updated: 08 Aug 2011 10:21 PM

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