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New!Do you hate Spam?  Get SPAMMUNITION!  A free add-on for (only) Microsoft Outlook 2000 and higher.  I used to receive about 50 junk emails each day; this special filter catches almost all of it.  Note that this software is still beta version. 

Tim thinks that this is one of the most amusing things on the Internet!
(Strong Bad Email at

Get Lost in the Black Hole of the Web

Enjoy waiting for pages to load?  They you'll love this "please wait" site!

Cable & Wireless Grenada deserves an award for having the Coolest Site in Grenada. At Spiceisle.Com you can listen to the live radio station GBN 535 AM, read The Grenadian Voice Newspaper, or participate in the online discussion group TalkShop.

They also offer one of Grenada's few live Web-Cam's which is pointed at the Carenage in St. George's. 

Hats off to Brain and all of the rest of the C & W folk responsible for SpiceIsle.Com.

The "Don't Spread That Hoax" homepage at:
(Rumours, Myths & False Virus Warnings) Another Urban Legends reference.

"Silly" awards page
(Bill Cheswick's web non-awards)

Q & A!

Q: Tim, you certainly have a lot of time on your hands to create a website like this?

A: It is a work in progress.  It has taken me about 4 years to get it to its present condition!

Watch this space for more Q & A...

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