How does he do it?

Magic?  Smoke & Mirrors?
Not exactly...

The webcam is an Axis 2110 Network Camera connected to my router which is connected to my ADSL modem.  I use to follow around my ever-changing IP address.  The camera has its own built-in web server and a close look at the html of the webcam page reveals that the URL of the camera is actually
This camera just sits looking out of the window of my office towards the beach, all day long...  Not a bad job to have, eh?

The current weather conditions are provided by a La Crosse Technology WS-2315.  There is a rain sensor and a wind sensor that sits on the roof of the office and a thermo-hygro sensor that sits under the eave of the roof.  How these things actually work remain a mystery to me!  If you want to be thoroughly confused you can read all about it right here.  There is a bit of software that FTPs the small weather image to my web server.  There is another bit of software that FTPs the more detailed weather html page to the web server.

All of this stuff is hosted by TRK Hosting (a pretty decent and inexpensive hosting service IMHO).

Why does he do it?

Because, since my dad bought me my very own TRS-80 Colour Computer a few years ago (!), I have enjoyed playing with neat gadgets.  One of the many interesting things I did with this computer was connect it to my fathers shortwave radio to receive WEFAX (with big brothers help and my dads permission of course...  ;-)   My father Gordon (Braff) built Lance Aux Epines Cottages many years ago and sadly passed away at the end of September last year.  He was a bit of a gadget man himself and definitely would have liked these new toys!  I'll bet, if he has an decent internet connection where he is now he'll be taking a look...

-Tim Brathwaite, July 27, 2005.

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