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Where are we?

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We are about 10 minutes away from the airport on Lance Aux Epines Beach next to the Calabash Hotel. 

As you go along the main Lance Aux Epines road you will pass the Red Crab Restaurant and Choo Light Chinese Restaurant on the right. Continue on the main road and you will next pass the turn-off for the Calabash Hotel on the right. Carry on straight and shortly after this you will see a small sign on the right (again on the main Lance Aux Epines road) for Lance Aux Epines Cottages. You have arrived!
If you see a sign on the right for Prickly Bay Waterside you have gone a little too far; turn around and go back!   :-)

For our gadget conscious  guests; our exact GPS coordinates are:
North 1200.121' and West 6145.490'

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Site Plan

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