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These pages offer information on places to stay in Grenada:

Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association

Caribbean Hotel Association Caribbean Hotel Association

Grenada Board of Tourism

Grenada Explorer and (Travel information site and Blog)

Calabash Skyviews

Click here for places to stay in Grenada on TripAdvisor

James Brathwaite (Tim Brathwaite's Brother!) also has self-catering apartments available...
"Lance Aux Epines Apartments"   Visit for further info!

Other travel related: (Island tours)

Grenada Board of Tourism Calendar of Events

Grenada Today Newspaper

BBC News Grenada Country Profile 

[Sunny Grenada]Latest Grenada Weather Forecast from The Weather Channel

Maps of Grenada:

Lance Aux Epines Cottages location map

Google Maps high resolution satellite image.

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