We have been busy rebuilding since Hurricane Ivan hit Grenada on September 7, 2004.
(The first hurricane to strike the island in 49 years!)

Our first guests arrived mid-November and Lance Aux Epines Cottages is fully operational.
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The Managing Director of our UK Tour Operator, Mr. Gerry Copsey (Just Grenada) visited Lance Aux Epines Cottages on November 23, 2004.

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Lance Aux Epines Cottages from the hillside!  [Click to enlarge this photo]Update: Saturday, December 25, 2004.  Happy Holidays!  Swallow & Hummingbird cottages completed December 18.  Now that we are fully operational expect fewer updates on this page...

Update: Wednesday, December 8, 2004.  NewTraveller Reviews posted.  "just Grenada" Recovery Report posted.  Frigate Cottage, Ramier Apartment, Kite Apartment and Wren Apartment now available for rental.  Interesting note: Guests that lost the roof from their apartment on September 7, have just made a new booking to stay in that same apartment next month!

Update: Saturday, November 20, 2004.  Sandpiper Cottage, Gaulin Cottage and Kestrel Apartment all available for rental now.  TV Lounge is repaired and ready to go!

Update: Friday, November 5, 2004.  First cottage Pelican now available for rental!

Update: Tuesday, November 2, 2004.  The phone line 444-4565 and the fax line 444-2802 are now working again.

Update: Sunday, October 31, 2004

We did some clearing up on the beach this week and have some new photos.  The Calabash Hotel (located just down the beach from us) will have its first guests tomorrow and its restaurant will be open.  We are expecting our first guests on Friday!


Update: Friday, October 27, 2004.  It rained today and our fax line +1 (473) 444-2802 has stopped working.  Hope to get it back up soon...

Update: Tuesday, October 26, 2004.  For some reason, one of our office lines +1 (473) 444-4565 has stopped working.  Our other office line +1 (473) 444-4288 is still working so try this number if you are unable to contact us.  You can also leave a voicemail message on 444-4565 and we will call you back.

Office/Reception Area & Frigate Cottage.Update: Monday, October 25, 2004.

We have now rebuilt the roofs on all of the cottages and apartments.  New windows have been installed in all of the cottages.  New ceilings have been installed in most of the cottages and apartments.  I am pleased to report that we are ahead of schedule and expect to have our first unit Pelican Cottage available for rental by November 6.  After this Sandpiper Cottage should be ready by November 12!

We have decided to add air-conditioning to the bedrooms of Osprey and Gaulin as the windows needed to be replaced in these units.  By the end of next month all of our cottages and apartments will have air-conditioning in all bedrooms.

Initially we thought that we would repair the kitchens in Swallow and Hummingbird Cottages; instead we will redesign and completely rebuild the kitchens in these two units (and add a breakfast counter).

Photos added.

Bye for now,


Click for more photos!Update: Thursday, October 14, 2004.

Restoration of the roofs on Osprey and Gaulin completed.  Installation of new windows in Sandpiper and Pelican completed.  More photos just added!

Update: Saturday, October 9, 2004.

The restoration of our cottages and apartments began Wednesday and the roofs have been completely restored on the following moderately damaged units: TV Lounge, Pelican Cottage, Sandpiper Cottage and Frigate Cottage.

All of the telephone lines have been restored today including the ADSL line so the Webcam is now working!  The fax line is working again so you can send faxes to +1 (473) 444-2802.

I'll try to add some more photos tomorrow...


The big in front of Frigate Cottage is still standing!Update: Monday, October 4, 2004.

Sorry, no update for a while.  Internet access is still difficult...
On Monday of last week we picked up all of the fallen trees on the compound and the beach looks a lot better now.
On Tuesday of last week our electricity connection was restored so we now have power in the Service Building and Office/Reception Area.  This will assist us tremendously.
On Friday of last week the 40 ft. container with all of the building materials arrived and this is to be delivered to the compound tomorrow.
Tomorrow five of the builders from St. Lucia will arrive to begin construction work.

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Wind-Swept Lance Aux Epines Beach!Update: September 26, 2004.

The Grenada Government has graciously provided a 100% duty free concession to all resorts needing to import material and equipment necessary to rebuild or upgrade their facilities.  In addition to rebuilding all of our damaged units we will use this opportunity to upgrade our two bedroom, two bathroom cottages (Frigate, Sandpiper and Pelican) and our one bedroom cottages (Swallow and Hummingbird) by adding air-conditioning to the bedrooms of these units. We will also install new solar water heaters in Osprey, Gaulin and Frigate cottages.

Backhoe assisted cleanup of the grounds and garden planned for tomorrow...


Photo of Kite Apartment without roof!Update: September 21, 2004

Our progress so far:

Over the last few days we have had most of our staff on site cleaning our rooms and the grounds/garden.

Parts have been ordered for our standby generator and this should be operational by the end of the week.  Once the generator is operational we will have a reliable water supply.  The roof over our service building/laundry has had a temporary repair and this building is now fully functional.  We have received a quotation from a building contractor who will come in with a team and all materials to begin repair on the roofs in all our cottages and apartments.

That's it for now!


Wind-Swept Lance Aux Epines Beach!September 15, 2004

Unfortunately, Grenada was struck by Hurricane Ivan on September 7, 2004. There have been some lives lost, injuries and widespread property damage throughout the island.

Currently all of the cottages and apartments at Lance Aux Epines Cottages are closed for repairs.

On a positive note, I am pleased to report that although everyone has suffered damage to their homes, all Lance Aux Epines Cottages employees and their family are safe and escaped Hurricane Ivan without serious injury.

We expect to have some of our cottages and apartments repaired and available for rental by approximately end of November 2004.

Although we are unable to answer immediately, due to that fact that communications are very difficult we appreciate your telephone messages and emails! (Phones/Fax/Email all working again) Thank you for thinking of us!!

Best wishes,

Tim Brathwaite
Lance Aux Epines Cottages

If you wish to provide assistance this is GREATLY appreciated by the people of Grenada. The official Government website for information on Hurricane Ivan and the relief effort can be found at: www.grenadaemergency.com or www.spiceisland.info or www.grenadaconsulate.org
The Red Cross is doing a lot of work in Grenada: British Red Cross Site: www.redcross.org.uk, US Red Cross Site: www.redcross.org

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