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Message from Grenada Customs Department:

Customs Procedures at Point Salines International Airport

The Customs Department endeavours to constantly lower the times passengers take to clear after collecting luggage. A Clearway, or Green/Red Line System for passengers is in effect. This is an internationally used system green for nothing to declare and red for items to be declared. 

Special procedures are in place for residents and nationals.

Other passengers are allowed articles for use during their stay. These include items of personal adornment, wearing apparel, toilet requisites and any portable articles which someone can reasonably be expected to use during their stay.

Items that might be left in Grenada, gifts or packages for others (whether or not commercial) ought to be declared in the Red Line. As a general rule, when in doubt as to what should be declared, it is best to use this channel. 

Our Officers can request that the carry-on luggage of any passenger be opened, even if visitors are in the Green Line.

The country depends a lot on import charges that can range between 5% and 61.25%. Please, avoid inconveniences and delays by following the regulations and/or getting the advice of a Customs Officer on duty.

Special arrangements are in place for visitors to our country for conferences, special events, meetings or seminars. Your contact person or organisation in Grenada can inform you about these.

Our officers welcome you and wish you an enjoyable visit.

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